Upcoming Conventions-General updates

Hey, as a heads up my next events will be Oni-con in Galveston, TX, Midwest Furfest in Chicago, IL and Ikkicon in Austin, TX.

I am reviewing my current work log for the coming year and I may have some spots in the earlier part of the year for fursuit commissions. Once I can confirm my availability I will cross post this information on all my channels. So please keep an eye out here or on my Facebook and or Twitter for further announcements.


Welcome to Cabbits Co.

Cabbits Co. is a fursuit making company based out of Texas ran solely by Megumibish.

I specialize in Toony suits and aim to make durable colorful mascots. I have years of experience making costumes and would love to bring your unique character to life!

Send me a email to get your own Cabbits Co. creation!